Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

Venturi Health Care Groups, Blair House Care Home in Southport does not always have clear skies and sunshine, therefore it is important to ensure that  stimulating activities are arranged indoors as well as day trips out and about. February was a particularly wet and rainy month so our dedicated Activity Co-ordinator Sue set about organising a number of imaginative, enjoyable indoor events and activities.

Residents of Blair House thoroughly enjoyed both the designing and crafting stages of the wooden models that can be seen below. The day resulted in some excellent models being put on display throughout the home and the Residents had the opportunity to show off their creative and artist skills.

For those who wanted a more relaxed activity, that was still mentally stimulating they took part in a game of Robot Rallys which appears to be a firm favourite as it is a regular feature on a rainy day. Residents are encouraged daily to decide what activities they would like to take part in and also to offer new suggestions of things they may be interested in taking part in.